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Posted on 06 February 2017

If you’re looking to banish the winter blues, and maybe inject some fun and frivolity into February, why not consider a holiday in Gozo?

For most of Europe, February is a cold month when the winter weather seems to bite hardest. By contrast, our little island of Gozo boasts a mild average February temperature of 13°C.

Towards the end of the month you can expect temperatures to start climbing as spring approaches, and you can also experience Gozo’s colourful Carnival season, including the unique and world-famous ‘Spontaneous’ Carnival in the village of Nadur.

Traditionally held over the five days preceding the Christian Lent period, Carnival Week in Gozo is a time to indulge in fun, food and festivities. In 2017, the main Carnival events begin on Friday 24 February and last through to Shrove Tuesday, 28 February.

Carnival Week in Gozo may not be as famous as the Rio Carnival in Brazil, but we can offer plenty of Mediterranean fun for all the family.

Nadur ‘Spontaneous’ Carnival

Every year, the small village of Nadur marks the pre-Lent period with a truly unique event – the ‘spontaneous’ Carnival – so-called because it isn’t organised by any committee and the people taking part often remain silent to enhance their disguise!

This year, the Nadur Carnival will be held after sunset from Friday 24 to Tuesday 28 February 2017. If you want to catch the action, just head for December 13th Street and the main village square. But be warned! The village streets will be packed with weird and wonderful sights.

Grotesque masks at the Nadur Carnival, Gozo. Photo credit:

Disguise is the name of the game and people dress up in costumes and wear masks to conceal their real identities. The streets of Nadur become thronged with mostly silent people wearing strange-looking, satirical, funny, and grotesque costumes, some openly poking fun at politicians. A lot of people will remain silent to enhance their disguise, but don’t expect the Nadur Carnival it to be quiet – there will still be plenty of music and revelry, well into the night.

Traditional Carnival in Gozo

Of course, Gozo also puts on a number of more traditional – and organised – carnival events throughout the pre-Lent period. These involve colourful floats, fabulous costumes, parades, live music – and food! Most events begin with a children’s carnival with plenty of wonderful costumes and a parade. Competitive dancing competitions are also held. Here are a selection of traditional carnival events in villages around Gozo this year:

Sunday 19 February

  • Nadur: Noon.

Wednesday 22 February

  • Għarb, Children’s carnival: 5.30pm.

Friday 24 February

  • San Lawrenz: 7.00pm.
  • Qala: 7.30pm.

Saturday 25 February

  • Nażżarenu, Xagħra: 7.00pm.

Sunday 26 February

  • Xewkija: 9.30am.
  • Xagħra: 10.00am.
  • Żebbug: Noon.

Monday 27 February

  • Sannat: : 6.30pm.

Gozo Regional Carnival

A costumed parade, Gozo Carnival. Photo credit:

Our capital city Victoria (Rabat), is host to the Gozo Regional Carnival – a series of noisy, colourful street events held at different times of the day. The main events are located in Independence Square (It-Tokk) and the main streets:

Friday 24 February

  • Independence Square, Victoria: 7.30pm.

Saturday 25th February

  • Independence Square, Victoria: 9.30am.
  • Republic Street and Fortunato Mizzi Street, Victoria: 6.00pm.

Sunday 26th February

  • Republic Street and Fortunato Mizzi Street, Victoria – 2.30pm.

Monday 27th February

  • Republic Street and Fortunato Mizzi Street, Victoria: 7.30pm.

Tuesday 28th February

  • Republic Street and Fortunato Mizzi Street, Victoria: 6.00pm.

So, have we piqued your interest for a February break in fabulous Gozo?

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