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If you like taking photos, you’ll love gorgeous Gozo!

Posted on 03 February 2018

You know we love Gozo as we’re always posting lovely shots of our island home on Instagram (@baronholidayhomes) and our Facebook page.

And now we know that you love Gozo too – and we have the photos that were entered into our recent #HelloGozo contest to prove it!

HelloGozo competition winner. Photo credit: @Mind_Reframed (Mind Reframed Malta and Gozo)

We asked people to share their memories of Gozo with a photo and a caption on Instagram or our Facebook page using the hashtag #HelloGozo. The prize was a seven-night holiday in Baron Holiday Homes’ beautiful rental property Djar Ta’ Menzja in the village of Sannat.

Djar Ta Menzja 3, Sannat, Gozo. Photo credit: Baron Holiday Homes

We sifted through nearly 70 submissions of photos to create a shortlist and then asked well-known Gozitan photographer Daniel Cilia, who knows the island well, to choose the overall winner, which was submitted by Mind-Reframed Malta and Gozo.

While congratulations must go to the overall winner for submitting such a wonderful photo that sums up the natural beauty and fun that Gozo has to offer, we also want to thank each and every one of the people who submitted their photos to the contest. We were amazed at the range of subject matter – from families having fun around the pool, to romantic sunsets, to action shots, and Gozo’s many attractions, including its numerous baroque churches.

What people appreciate most about Gozo

 As well as enjoying looking at the wonderful range of photos people submitted to the #HelloGozo contest, we loved reading the memories and comments in their captions.

We think they sum up pretty well what’s so special about Gozo as a holiday destination and what people appreciate most about our lovely island.

Here’s a selection of comments:

“You get a great view of Gozo, with amazing blue water from the ferry…”

Sometimes the sat nav taking you the wrong way isn’t so bad…”

“You can take a ride in a luzzu, one of the traditional Maltese fishing boats. One of the most memorable is the trip from the Inland Sea in Dwejra on the wild western tip of Gozo. You go through a passage in the rocks and emerge in the open sea, with beautiful silvery cliffs towering up into the sky along the coast. Yet another Gozitan highlight.”

“For such a small island , Gozo knows how to build a church .. and there are plenty of them…”

 Sunrise over the steeples of Nadur, presages another wonderful adventure! Photo credit: Joe Smith

 “And the countdown begins…I’m making the permanent move to #Gozo in a month to give life in the sunshine a go and try and make some of my little dreams a bit bigger and real! Wish me luck!”

 “The first time I saw this [Azure Window] it took my breath away and l cried. And I cried the day it disappeared. But my memory of sharing it with my family will last forever.”

 “Happiness starts here …”

 “Xlendi – my favourite place in Gozo to watch the sunset.”

 “Boys will be boys – great family holiday on our favourite island.”

 “The rock formations at Dwejra on the coast of Gozo are absolutely stunning. Take a look at that clear blue sea too! You can swim in the aptly named Blue Hole and The Inland Sea, a cliff-bound lagoon that’s connected to the sea by a tunnel. We clambered down the rocks further round the coast where we found a tiny shingle beach leading to a beautiful inlet which we had almost to ourselves. Utter bliss. Wonderfully warm water too!”

 And this one is sure to put a smile on your face…

 Well needed vacay time for Akira after a few exhausting weeks of doing nothing. Photo credit: Lily Lidin

We’ve put together a short video clip of some of the entries so you can enjoy them too…

Gozo is Instagram heaven and we would love to see more of your photos of our island – please remember to share your holiday memories with us on Instagram and Facebook.

Looking forward to seeing your photos in 2018! Happy snapping!

Ask us for help

Baron Holiday Homes is happy to organise car hire, tours of Gozo, and special activities for our guests whatever time of year you visit. Just get in touch and we’ll tell you all you need to know about walks near to your rental property, special events in villages nearby, and other local information.

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