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See Gozo’s coastline from the deck of a Vitamin Sea boat

Posted on 08 June 2019

No holiday to Gozo is complete unless you get out and about on the sparkling  Mediterranean Sea that surrounds our lovely island.

Gozo’s warm, azure sea is perfect for leisurely boat trips around the coastline, or across to our sister island, Comino. And if you’re looking for more things to do on Gozo there are plenty of opportunities for water skiing, fishing, diving, snorkelling and lots more. Our blog post Make The Most of Gozo’s Beautiful Sea gives you an idea of what’s available. 

In the latest of our interviews with local partners, we talked with Adrian and Mark Borg, of Vitamin Sea to find out more about the company and the range of fun boat tours and water sports they offer our guests.


Tell us about Vitamin Sea

We’re a family-run business and have been operating for around five years now. We have two boats – one fibreglass and one dinghy – both the perfect size for exploring the caves and coves around the coast. The maximum capacity, using both boats, is 11 people so we can easily cater for large parties.

We have a fixed price per boat from 1 to 6 persons, so there is no minimum number of people to book a trip – you could be a couple or a group of 11.  

Many of our boat  trips depart from Marsalforn but we can also pick up guests from anywhere on the coast. We offer a great range of boat trips and water sport activities and  private charters.


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How long has Vitamin Sea been working with Baron Holiday Homes?

We’ve been working together for two years now – and we look forward to many more years of providing their guests with fun days out on the sea.


Can you tell us a little about the different types of boat tours you offer?

Our boat trips include:

  • A full day around Gozo and Comino visiting all the beaches, caves and inlets around both islands. This trip takes about seven hours.
  • Around Comino and the east coast of Gozo including Ta' Cenc cliffs, Mgarr Ix-Xini and Qala Point.
  • Half-day northern cave tour, where we visit all the caves and inlets between Marsalforn and Dwejra including Wied Il-Ghasri and the window at Tieqa Ta' Wied Il-Mielah.
  • Sunset tours of Gozo’s west coast.
  • Water taxi visits to beautiful spots around Gozo’s coast and beaches for safe swimming and snorkelling.
  • Fishing trips for small groups lasting 3.5 – 4 hours. We offer traditional fishing (with bamboo nets), trawling and bottom fishing, depending on the season. 

You can choose from three starting times: morning (9.00-10.00am start), afternoon (12.00-2.00pm start) and sunset (4.00-5.00pm start).

All Sea Gozo tours include water, fresh fruit, snorkelling equipment, underwater camera, fuel and skipper.


You also offer a number of water sports – can you tell us about these?



Some of our popular water sports include wake boarding, water skiing and also towable inflatables such as the crazy sofa and the banana at Ramla Bay. We can also organise stand up paddle boarding and canoeing

Our water sport activities can either be combined with a boat tour for an extra charge, or booked independently as a separate fun activity among friends.


Who is in your team?

There are three active team members, each qualified to supervise tours and activities: Adrian Borg, Justin Muscat and Manwel Curmi.


What measures do you take to ensure the safety of your passengers on your boat tours?

All our boats are equipped with life jackets, flares, fire extinguishers and first-aid kits which are always kept up to date. In addition, all our skippers hold current Commercial Boatmen licences which requires them to be competent in first-aid, fire-fighting and use of VHF radio.

Safety is of prime importance and we never hesitate to cancel a tour whenever we consider that the weather conditions are/will become unsafe for the whole tour.





Do customers need to get special insurance before a boat tour or taking part in any water sport?

Customers don’t need additional insurance cover for tours as the company is fully insured on their behalf.


Are there any age and size constraints for your boat tours and water sports?

Our boat tours are suitable for all age groups. We aim to make each tour fun, and we adapt to the group we have on board.

We also recommend adding water sports for groups of friends or families with teenage children. We have a minimum age requirement of 13 years of age for our water sports activities.




What's the best review you've ever received? 

Were very proud of being awarded a certificate of excellence by TripAdvisor for the last three years (2016-2108). Out of the many good reviews we have received, we have  chosen this one from Shaun Southern of Oswestry, England, who said (12 Nov 2018):

“The best day on our trip”

“We asked about this tour a few weeks ago, but it was only confirmed once the weather forecast was known for the day. Luckily, it was perfect, and we met at the harbour at 9.30 after visiting the nearby salt pans. There were just the two of us on the boat, but it could hold 8-10.

Our skipper Adrian spoke perfect English and we set off round Gozo, stopping a few times in beautiful places, sometimes for a swim, a snorkel, sometimes just to chill. We sailed through arches, into caves and bays, and stopped to pick up our lunch which we ate in a bay at Comino.

We saw the blue lagoon, where we stopped for another swim, and took hundreds of pictures from the best viewpoints. We got back just in time to get to the beach for viewing the sunset. A wonderful relaxing day and the best day on our trip.”


Do you enjoy your work? What do you enjoy most? 

We grew up on Gozo, with the sea and boats and we enjoy the life. These islands offer such a variety of marine and coastal features that it is a pleasure to share them with customers, as well as sharing in their fun with all the boat tours and water sports.


Any new activities being planned for the summer 2019 season? 

For Summer 2019 we are introducing an exciting new activity called Subwing. This is a new water sport that we tested last season. It’s not suitable for young children so only teenagers and adults will be able to try it out. 

Participants are towed behind a boat at speeds up to 5-8mph whilst holding on to a wing. They control whether they travel under the water or at the surface by simple arm movements. They can also choose to snorkel effortlessly.

Subwing is similar to water skiing except that you’re travelling underneath the water. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to being a dolphin!



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