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Glide through Gozo’s scenery on two wheels with a Segway tour

Posted on 04 May 2019

We’re always looking to help our guests make the most of their precious holiday on Gozo. That’s why we don’t just focus on providing high quality self-catering holiday apartments, villas and farmhouses. Our partnerships with other local suppliers mean we can help you explore Gozo and find activities on the island that are perfect for you, your family and your friends.

We talked recently with Kevin Grech, owner of Gozo Segway Tours, to find out more about the company and the range of fun and eco-friendly tours they offer our guests.

As the company describes its Segways … “are a self-balancing, electric transportation vehicle. Easy to learn and fun to drive. No feeling can compare to gliding effortlessly and silently on a Segway through our beautiful country side!”

This short video clip gives a taste of what Gozo Segway Tours do: 



How long has Gozo Segway Tours been running?

We started with our popular Segway tours back in March 2014. As of last year we also started offering hiking tours, e-bike hire and e-bike tours. We also work in collaboration with other partners, such as Gozo Adventures, to offer a full range of outdoor activities, including package activities and team-building.


You won an award last year – what was that for?

Yes, and we are very grateful to have our hard work and dedication appreciated. We love what we do, and at the end of the day the most important thing is that we put smiles on our customers’ faces. We have won the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for the last four years (2015-2018), and we’ve also won the Travel & Hospitality Award and the LTG (Luxury Travel Guide) Europe Award.


Can you tell us a little about the different types of tours you offer?

We offer 8 different Segway tours, 4 different e-bike routes and 6 different hiking trails, all around the island of Gozo. Our tours range from easy and relatively short routes to adventurous full-day excursions. We try to offer not just another Segway tour, but an experience.



So, along all our tours, our guides will share their knowledge about the island’s rich history. We do some foraging – always on the lookout for wild edible plants – , and we often stop for a refreshing swim or a short stroll. We visit local artisan traditions, such as the Salt Pans, and bee-keeping, and on our full-day tour we also include lunch in a traditional local bakery!


Do you run Segway tours all year round?

Yes, everyday, all year round!  We also provide our guests with ponchos if it’s raining!


Which is the best season to do a Segway tour?

Obviously, summer is our busiest season. We run up to 3 tours a day during summer time.  Personally, this is my favourite season – springtime. The island is so beautiful at this time of the year, especially after all the rainfall we had this winter! It’s blooming with flora and fauna. The colours of our countryside are absolutely stunning.


Who is in your team?

We were lucky enough to always have great tour leaders on our team! Their love for the island seems to brush off on our clients.  We have Javi and Sergi from Spain. They have lived on the island for many years and just love our outdoors. Believe it or not, they know Gozo better than me, and I’m a local!  Then there’s Leigh, from Malta. Leigh has also lived in Gozo for many years. He focuses a lot on the hiking and e-bike tours. And occasionally there’s also me. I love to get out of the office and run a tour myself from time to time.  After all I cannot let my tour leaders have all the fun for themselves!



How safe are Segways? And do customers need to get special insurance?

Segways are really safe. They are equipped with an amazing instrument called a gyroscope, whose job is simply to keep you upright, all the time! We start each tour with a free training session, including one-on-one training with each of our customers. We tell them about what they should be careful about and the things to avoid while driving.

The thing with Segways is that people think they are difficult to drive, but as soon as they step on them, they realise how easy it really is. Then they start enjoying themselves a bit too much (because let’s face it, it’s an amazing machine!) and if they get over confident, that’s when it can get risky – like any other machine!  So we always keep an eye on our clients especially the young ones!  Safety is our top priority! All our tours include liability insurance.


Can anyone go on a Segway tour – or are there some age and size constraints?

We have had people as young as eight years old and up to 85 years old joining our tours!  Our age limit starts from 12 years old and up. However what’s really important is their height and weight.  As a minimum, drivers must be 140cms tall and weigh around 40kgs.  Also, a Segway can carry a maximum weight of 115kgs.



Do you have to wear any special protective clothing on a Segway tour?

Helmets are a must. We also provide knee and elbow caps if it makes our clients feel more at ease.


Which Segway tours would you recommend for:


  1. Young people - Easy and relatively shorter tours. Up to 2 hours long. Such as our Ta’ Cenc tour, Sanap cliffs tour, or Marsalforn Valleys Tour.
  2. A family with teenagers - Any tour really.  Depends what they are looking for, how much time they have, which part of the island they would like to explore, and what experience would they like to take home… Our best-sellers are the Salt Pans to Ta’ Pinu tour, and the Cross Country tour including lunch in a traditional bakery.


  1. An older couple - A nice easy tour with lots of scenery, history and local traditions. My personal favourites are the Qala Northeast Coast Tour, the Gharb San Dimitri Tour and the By The Sea tour visiting the south coast, including Mgarr ix-Xini Bay.
  2. A group of friends -  Any of the above!  Plus, why not try a package activity? And did I tell you we also include some funny Segway games along the way?  We’ll surely have a good laugh, and you will definitely take home some postcard-perfect photos!


What’s the best review you’ve ever received?

Look, I’m happy with any review which is honest. We have over 400 ‘excellent service’ reviews on our TripAdvisor page and countless 5-star reviews on our Facebook page, and this is all thanks to my team’s hard work and the love they put into their job. We have a lot of ‘repeat’ customers, who come year after year with us and recommend our services to their friends and loved ones. These people become part of our extended family. We form everlasting friendships with them. That’s one of the most amazing aspects of our job.

I personally read all of the reviews and comments we receive.  It gives me great satisfaction to see our customers happy, especially when they write that our tour was the highlight of their holidays!



Can you tell us a bit more about the e-bike tours you offer?

Yes, I’m a lover of cycling myself, and anyone who knows the island will tell you that this is a great place for this sport. e-bikes are simply amazing, especially for an island full of steep hills like Gozo. Once, a customer wrote a review saying “The hill becomes your friend on an e-bike!” SPOT ON!  We like to joke that you can drive an e-bike uphill and enjoy a cigarette along the way.

Regarding our e-bike tours, we actually do not have a set route. When we meet our  customers, we assess their level of fitness with regards to serious off-roading or normal scenic routes. Then we offer them various options to choose from. We also include refreshments, a traditional lunch, and/or fresh seasonal fruit on our e-bike tours!



Do you enjoy your work? What do you enjoy most?

We love it! It’s beautiful to meet and get to know so many people from different nations and backgrounds. To share our stories along the way. To create new friendships. To put a big smile on their faces!


How long have you been working with Baron Holiday Homes?

Since day one! It has always been a pleasure working with the Baron team.


Can you pick up BHH guests from their rental property?

Of course!  And since the majority of BHH properties are in the prettiest locations on the island, we often start our tours directly from the guests’ doorstep!

So … are you interested in going on a Segway tour of Gozo next time you visit? To find out more and to book a tour through Baron Holiday Homes please follow this link. We look forward to helping you.



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