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We have various hiking tours to choose from, around the 2 islands of Gozo or Comino usually it depends on the weather conditions and also down to the time of year.

Nature is all around us.

Hiking in Gozo

This is just one of the many hikes we offer and is one of our most favourite hikes and it is the northern walk.

On this tour we get to see the lush valleys of Gozo, where you can spot local farmers doing their daily chores in their fields, we get to see the seasonal veggies such as zucchini, artichokes, broccoli etc. and fruits like pomegranate, lemons, oranges, prickly pears, almonds and much more.

We will go off the beaten paths to breath taking view-points, where we can see the turquoise Mediterranean water all around us. We will visit some historical sites and also the famous Mixta cave where we stop for a traditional ftira, which we collect from a close by bakery, from there we will make our way down to Ramla bay, the biggest and sandiest beach on the island, you are welcome to have a dip in the crystalline waters if the weather is favourable.

From there we will make our way up the Xaghra/Nadur valley, where there is a different kind of landscapes, with some different vegetation, from there we will make it up to our starting point.

3 - 4 hours Gozo hike includes:

Local guide, traditional food, seasonal fruits, bottle water, photos and a possible short swim at the end

Hiking in Comino

This a beautiful small island, filled with hidden places, secret caverns and breath taking view-points.

The hike will take around half a day and we will circumvent the island, taking detours inside the island to see the hidden places in the centre of the island.

We will also get to see the famous fortifications St Marija tower and the battery. There are various beaches on the north coast of Comino, we will get to visit them all, also the lagoons, including the Blue Lagoon and Crystal Lagoon.

Boat can also be arranged before-hand to bring you and take you back to Comino

4 hours walk around the whole island of Comino includes:

Local guide, visiting all the beaches, hidden caves and mystical spots, bottle water and plenty of photos.


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