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SUBWING is like flying under water. It gives you the sensation that you are a fish, integrated in the sea like them. All in a fun simple way, appropriate to all ages and physical conditions.

Dive into something new!

All your senses will be filled with unique and gratifying sensation and we assure you will want to repeat the experience with us.

This tour is around 2-3 hours in duration. We will practice SUBWING and also visit some exclusive beaches and coves between Gozo, Comino or the north of Malta to take a sunbath and have a drink, swim or anything you wish.
How it works?

The SUBWING consists of two separate wings connected in a rotatable swivel. By grabbing the grip on each wing, it can easily be controlled in all directions. Manoeuvring is done by tilting the wings in different angles. Tilt both wings downwards to dive, and upwards to resurface. If attempting a roll, simply tilt the wings in the opposite directions. Controlling the SUBWING is easy to learn and comes naturally to many beginners.

For more experienced SUBWING users, a single hand grip is mounted between the wings on the rear. This grip is designed to be used, for example, when equalizing ear pressure.

The tour includes, Captain/skipper, Instructor, Boat, Fuel, Snorkel gear, SUBWING equipment and Bottle water. So all you need to bring with you is Sun lotion, A well tighten swimming wear, Sunglasses, a Towel and the enthusiasm to have an advevture.


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