Gozo’s local cuisine is based on organic, local produce and traditional Mediterranean cooking methods.

What makes Gozo’s delicious local specialities and robust flavours unique is the fascinating range of different cultures that have influenced the island including Arabic and Sicilian.

Family-run village bakeries produce superb, tasty bread, delicious with local figs and Gozitan honey. Lunch on Gozo's own version of a pizza, the ftira or ftajjar, or try some of the island's famous and tasty home-made cheeselets (ġbejniet), and the delicious savoury pastries called pastizzi. Or simply dip fresh bread in locally made organic olive oil.

You'll find local food in restaurants, cafes, and bars all over Gozo - even in tiny villages. And you can wash down this yummy food with locally produced wines and beer.

More information about Gozo’s boutique wineries and local brewery can be found on our blog post Get a Taste For Gozo’s Delicious Wine And Beer. And if you’re interested in agritourism and helping with the wine harvest read our post here.

Today on Gozo you'll find recipes passed down through the generations but given a modern twist. While you're here you must try: aljotta (fish soup), fried or stewed rabbit, calamari stuffed with rice, capers and prawns, dolphin fish (lampuka), zalzett (sausage with coriander), and Gozitan ravioli or Ravjul.

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Those with a sweet tooth will also love Gozitan specialities such as qubbajt (nougat), imqaret (date pastries), and our special occasion treats such as Easter figolli (almond stuffed pastry figures), Christmas qagħaq tal-għasel (honey rings), cassata (ricotta filled sponge with marzipan), or kannoli (ricotta-filled fried pastries).

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Gozitan food images by Clare Borg

Photos by Gozitan Chef Clare Borg




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