Lomi Lomi Massaage

A Hawaiian Massage Performed on the Entire Physical Body

Unwined your body and mind

We Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian massage which is performed on the entire physical body as well as the energetic bodies which surround it.

It is a magnificent dance performed with grace and harmony which utilizes aromatic essential oils, forearm movements and stretching techqniues. The full massage lasts 2 hours and goes as deeply as the client can tolearte and be very powerful. It is fluid rhythmical, communicative and nurturing.

The main benefits are deep relaxation, a tranquil mind and a general state of well-being and confidence. Lomi Lomi increases circulation and lymphatic drainage and rids the body of toxxins. It can reduce pain and nervous tension as well as imporive the elasticity of tendons and increase mobility. 

Lomi Lomi is a complete therapeutic treatment, a holistic mandala, a dance between you and the energy of the universe.



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