St. George’s Basilica



The Golden Church


Just off It-Tokk, and surrounded by a maze of charming narrow alley ways, you’ll find the magnificent Baroque church of St George Martyr, a 17th century church built on a site dating back to the 12th century. The church is often called the Marble Basilica as it is completely faced in marble, and also the ‘Golden Church’ due to its beautiful interior. Art lovers will enjoy the many paintings in the church, the ceiling and dome.


A sneak peek of what happens in Victoria on the third Sunday of July

If you’re holidaying in Gozo during early summer, then you must visit the annual Festa of St. George (see video above), which kicks off after the second Sunday of July. This festa takes place over several days and includes religious services as well as lots of cultural activities, entertainment and food.


Video: Manuel Xuereb, Photo:



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