In-house extras

Making your stay extra special

Let us make your stay in a Baron Holiday Homes' property extra special, we offer a range of in-house services, including  private chef, massage and relaxation therapy, yoga, champagne & flowers, a welcome food pack & mineral water, together with our latest addition - Baron dining out coupons.

Food pack

All of our guests have the option of ordering a food pack, that we can have ready and available at the accommodation prior to your arrival. The food pack can be purchased for Euro 45.00; it will contain a range of essentials including water, bread, milk, tea and coffee.

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Transfers & car hire

We highly recommend the use of direct transfers, as we feel this is the best, stress free way to reach your holiday home. This service is even more helpful should you have a late arrival flight, all our drivers have been to all the properties before and have excellent knowledge of the island.

Should you prefer car hire, we can deliver and pick up the car from your accommodation for no extra charge.

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Water Dispenser

Tap water is not recomended for drinking in Malta. Baron Holiday Homes have teamed up with H2only water provider and all properties are equipped with water dispensers, each 19 litre water container can be purchased at the cost of Euro 6.00.

All orders must be made at least 1 week prior to your arrival, as this service is only provided before arrival. (more bottles can be ordered directly from the provider during weekdays, or can be purchased from local supermarkets)

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Arts & crafts

Would your child like to have some crafting fun, with children from all different backgrounds - in a creative and welcoming environment? Or you would like to keep them busy at home?

This will enable your child to develop his/her crafting skills from Gluing and sticking to painting and drawing. Enhancing their social skills by communicating through the artistic talents they posses.

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If you are planing a wedding or special occasion, during your stay on the Mediterranean Island of Gozo, then relax. Because, we can supply you with a fully qualified hairstylist who will come to your Villa and take care of all your hairdressing needs.

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Pamper yourself. The massage is performed on the whole physical body as well as on the energetic ‘bodies’ which surround the physical one.

The massage is like a dance around the patient with great harmony and grace, which looks really beautiful. Benefit from deep relaxation, peaceful mind and self-confidence.

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Baron dining out coupons

Knowing where to go and eat during your holiday can be a stressful or daunting task, especially after a long day’s journey.

We know just how important picking the right restaurant is, and have carefully devised a voucher booklet, which not only gives you what we believe to be the 12  best restaurants on Gozo – but also allows for excellent discounts, when you visit their establishment. Each coupons booklet costs just Euro 10.00.

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Yoga/Aqua yoga

Would you like a workout which is good for your body, your heart and your spirit? This activity will increase your flexibility, strength, balance and relaxation. Yoga postures, meditation and breathing exercises will restore your inner harmony,  while the Aqua experience will give you a sense of freedom. Regardless of age, fitness level, previous experience.

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