Things to do in Gozo

We want to make your stay on Gozo with Baron Holiday Homes more than just a holiday. So we created the Baron Experience - it's your key to unlocking the treasures to be found on our beautiful island.

Things to see in Gozo

Gozo may be a small island in the Mediterranean, but it has a long and fascinating history stretching back 7,000 years. Gozo's vibrant history is flavoured with diverse cultural influences including African, Italian (Sicilian), Arabic, and British. You can see these influences all over the island - from the megalithic Gġantija temples at Xagħra (among the oldest free-standing structures in the world), to the Maltese language and Arabic place names, to Gozo's delicious Sicilian-inspired cuisine and baroque churches, and even the odd iconic red British telephone box.

In Gozo's capital Victoria (known as Rabat by the locals), you can glimpse Gozo's Medieval past in its maze of narrow alleyways. And from the walls of the fortified Citadella you can gaze out on Gozo's tranquil countryside – standing where the Phoenicians, Romans, and crusading Knights of St John did in times past. All this drama in a small gem of an island – that's Gozo! 

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What to do

Want to add some adventure to your Gozo holiday? There's a surprising number of exciting things to do on our tiny island, including scuba diving, rock climbing and cycling, and many more. We've partnered with selected local organisations to offer you a wide range of high quality, safe experiences during your stay on Gozo – we call it the Baron Experience...

Yacht Charter

The stunning Fairline Phantom 41 flybridge motor yacht, is equipped with all amenities for your comfort and safety. This wonderful Yacht is available for Exclusive day charters. Food & Beverage service are available on request. The full day charter is a magical 8 hours of navigating, resting and exploring these enchanting Islands. Enjoy a full day starting from Euro 1,000 for maximum 10 persons.

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Bike Hire

Cycling in Gozo allows for a large variety of routes for all abilities, some of which are through the picturesque villages and sleepy country roads.

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Add some memorable experiences to your relaxing holiday. Go sea kayaking, rock climbing, biking and eco-cultural tours - a low impact way to discover some of the more hidden parts of the island of Gozo. Suitable for all ability levels including beginners Children must be over 6 years and accompanied by an adult. Starting price is Euro 45.00 per person.

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Do you remember life before SUP? These specially trained instructors will teach you all the safety procedures and the basic skills necessary to enjoy your tour safely. They will guide you along the most interesting geo-naturalistic spots of Gozo and Comino. Starting price is Euro 25.00 per person for lessons and Euro 40.00 per person for a tour.

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Horse Riding

Horse riding in Gozo is an exhilarating, fun and different way to experience the unspoilt countryside of Gozo. Carriages are also available for up to 2 persons. Larger 4 person carriages are available on request, and subject to availability. Price starts at Euro 25.00 per hour

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Segway Tours

Segway Tours are a new, fun and eco-friendly way to discover the beauty of Gozo. Save time and energy, and benefit from our local guides' knowledge of Gozo who provides you with some interesting anecdotes about Gozo's hidden treasures! Starting price is Euro 15.00 per person

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Diving around our islands gives you the opportunity to discover the unspoilt underwater natural beauty. Steep, rugged cliffs, caves, valleys and picturesque rock formations dominate most of the Maltese Islands’ dramatic coastline. Below the surface of the water, the scenery is as breathtaking. You can choose from a wide range of training options.

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Tuk Tuk Tours

Exploring Gozo via Tuk-Tuk is a unique yet fascinating experience. Appealing to people of all ages, it is one of the best ways to discover the island of Gozo. Whilst you explore with your tour guide you will enjoy breath taking views, perfect for those who are sightseeing; looking to take in and capture the panoramic views, the island has to offer.

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Wine tasting

Where wine becomes an experience. Discover the beauty of Gozo whilst tasting some unique wines made with love and grapes. Meet the owner and live his daily challenges as he strives to make exceptional wines. An experience designed for adults. Price starts from Euro 25.00 per person

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Go for a picnic. A basket of goodness, delivered anywhere. Take the chance to treat a loved one to a romantic meal, overlooking some of the most astonishing, breath taking views. As a family you can create a memory that will always be remembered. This is an exciting, stress free way to take in the beautiful scenery that Gozo has to offer. Starting price is Euro 25.00 per person.

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Jeep/Quad tours

Our partner offers a wide range of different tours with either a quad or jeep. These tours will enable you a clear insight into what the Islands Gozo and Malta have to offer. Ultimately making your holiday more memorable. The aim of these tours is to show you the most beautiful hidden corners of Gozo.

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Scooter hire

If you fancy the wind in your hair, whilst you travel around the beautiful island of Gozo. Then look no further. A scooter will enable you to get anywhere and everywhere quickly with ease.

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Arts and crafts

Would your child like to have some crafting fun, with children from all different backgrounds - in a creative and welcoming environment? Or you would like to keep them busy at home? This will enable your child to develop his/her crafting skills from Gluing and sticking to painting and drawing. Enhancing their social skills by communicating through the artistic talents they posses.

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Yoga/Aqua yoga

Would you like a workout which is good for your body, your heart and your spirit? This activity will increase your flexibility, strength, balance and relaxation. Yoga postures, meditation and breathing exercises will restore your inner harmony, while the Aqua experience will give you a sense of freedom. Regardless of age, fitness level, previous experience.

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Boat trips

With boat trips you will discover all the beautiful places around Gozo and Comino in comfort and style with either half day or full day trips available on request. Starting price is Euro 23.00 per person. Or even head out to the big blue with a self-driven boat, jet ski or even venture out on a fishing trip.

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Gastronomic events

Our partner offers a fantastic and unique gastronomy experience. Which includes a terrific walking tour with a qualified guide for small groups, (up to 16 pax) highlighting the hidden beauty of Gozo's stunning Victoria. Afterwards, you will be treated to a wine lesson which is held by the owner of the restaurant in an open kitchen. Before he cooks you a delicious 3 course meal.

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Local events

Gozo has a lively annual calendar of cultural, religious and sporting events – from opera to wine festivals, and from the unique Nadur Carnival to the many village festas. We've selected a few events that should help give you a real flavour of what's in store on Gozo throughout the year and ideas on what to do in Gozo.

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Local Food

To arrive at the unique cuisine of Gozo, you need to take organic, local produce, traditional Mediterranean cooking methods, and combine all to create delicious local specialities that reflect the range of different cultures that have influenced the island including Arabic and Sicilian.

Family-run village bakeries produce superb, tasty bread, delicious with local figs and Gozitan honey. Lunch on Gozo's own version of a pizza, the ftira or ftajjar, or try some of the island's famous and tasty home-made cheeselets (gbejniet), and the delicious sacoury pastries called pastizzi. Or simply dip fresh bread in locally made organic olive oil.

You'll find local food in restaurants, cafes, and bars all over Gozo - even in tiny villages. And you can wash down this yummy food with locally produced wines and beer. Today on Gozo you'll find recipes passed down through the generations but given a modern twist. While you're here you must try: aljotta (fish soup), fried or stewed rabbit, calamari stuffed with rice, capers and prawns, dolphin fish (lampuka), zalzett (sausage with coriander), and Gozitan ravioli or Ravjul.

Those with a sweet tooth will also love Gozitan specialities - such as qubbajt (nougat), imqaret (date pastries), and our special occasion treats such as Easter figolli (almong stuffed pastry figures), Christmas qagħaq tal-għasel (honey rings), cassata (ricotta filled sponge with marzipan) or kannoli (ricotta-filled fried pastries).

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Photos by Claire Borg


The weather in Gozo

With a Mediterranean climate and more than 300 days of sunshine every year, Gozo is the perfect holiday destination all year round. The summer months (June to September) are typicallyt hot and dry with maximum temperatures around 32°C and the winter is usually mild and wet, with temperatures rarely dipping below 10°C. Spring arrives early in Gozo - February sees temperatures start to climb and in March spring flowers begin to cover the island.

And you can enjoy Gozo's gorgeous turqouise sea all year round too. Average sea temperatures in summer range from 24°C to 26°C - perfect for swimming. And with an average winter minimum of 15°C, Gozo's coastal waters are a favourite destination for scuba divers.


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