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Enjoy the relaxation with our trusted partners

Enjoy some relaxation

We can provide you with a 5 star massage and beauty treatments in various locations around Gozo.

Piotr is originally from Poland and has been living on the island for a few years. He is a professional physiotherapist with 12 years of experience and has worked across several countries gaining experience and knowledge.

Marie is our beauty and massage therapist. She is originally from Gozo and has 11 years of experience and has worked around the world gaining priceless experience. 

Our therapists will come to your place with all the necessary equipment to put you at ease so you can sit back and relax, we would be very pleased to provide any of the below treatments.

Deep Tissue Massage           60 minutes. 

Relaxing Massage                 60 minutes. 

Back Massage                      30 minutes.

Foot Reflexology                   30 minutes.

Express Facial                      30 minutes.

Customized Facial                 60 minutes.   

After Sun Facial                    60 minutes.

So if your intention is to relax and to treat yourself there is no better way than relaxing in the amazing setting and feeling pampered.


Hawaiian massage

The powerful Lomi Lomi Nui is an ancient Hawaiian massage which increases the life force (mana). This deeply purifying treatment nurtures body, mind and spirit.  The practitioner only uses natural oils, incorporating long and shooting movements. That gives the person sensation of completeness and wholeness. After the massage you will feel soft, connected and open for new beginnings.

Lomi Lomi Nui is beneficial for a number of conditions such as: stress, work related tension, restricted movement, dull aches and pain, arthritis, sport injury, depression and insomnia. Deep relaxation, peaceful mind and self-confidence are the long term effects of this powerful treatment.

You can choose between an individual massage or a couple massage. In a couple massage you are both in the one room so you share the very special, energetic space where two hearts unite. The couple massage is a wonderful and magical experience both on physical and emotional levels. Partners receive treatment at the same time and each will most likely feel closeness with another. Burning the candle with intention can strengthen the healing experience.

The individual massage will create an exclusive space for your healing. During the massage you will experience deep relaxation through our soothing touch and caring presence. Candles will lighten up your way of transformation, smell of sacred incense will clear the mind and essential oils will align the energy flow. These are 2-hour sessions where the scene is set and candles are lit.


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