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Gozo: the small holiday island that packs a big punch

Posted on 03 June 2022

Gozo may be a small island set in the sparkling Mediterranean Sea but its capacity to surprise first time and regular visitors alike is huge.

There are so many unique and unexpected aspects to our tiny island home – it’s probably why so many visitors end up coming back time after time.

We’ve written about some of the surprising things about Gozo before. These range from our ancient Ġgantija Temples, which are older than Egypt’s pyramids, to the amazing word ‘pomskizillious’ which was coined to describe the ‘magnificence’ of Gozo by the Victorian writer Edward Lear.

In this blog post we thought we’d take a look at some of the other ways that Gozo may surprise you. If you’re thinking about booking a holiday on Gozo then read on and be inspired!


Gozo’s underwater attractions


Gozo has some world-class diving sites. Photo credit: Instagram @polanddivingphoto

One of the surprising things about Gozo is that has a reputation as a world-class scuba diving destination. The Mediterranean Sea that surrounds Gozo is crystal clear and adds to the underwater experience when exploring the island’s caves, reefs, wrecks and tunnels.

Baron Holiday Homes can organise a diving trip to suit your level of experience with one of our trusted partners. And there’s so much to see under the waves here.

Read our post Plunge Into Gozo’s Gorgeous Sea For An Exciting Dive to learn more about Gozo’s underwater attractions. Popular dive sites include the spectacular Blue Hole and Reqqa Point as well as the P31 wreck and Santa Maria Caves on our sister island Comino.


Boat trips with a difference


Exploring Gozo’s coastline by boat. Photo credit:

As Gozo is surrounded by the warm Mediterranean Sea, it’s natural that visitors want to spend as much time as possible enjoying it. Fortunately, on Gozo there are so many different ways to enjoy the sea – from kayaking and stand up paddleboarding, to snorkelling and fun watersports.

We interviewed our local partner Gozo Adventures to find out more about the range of watersports they offer. You can read the post here.

A boat trip is also a must-do activity when you’re visiting Gozo. For a boat trip with a difference on Gozo why not choose a day out to explore the island’s fabulous coastline with cliffs, caves and secluded coves by boat?

Our partner Vitamin Sea takes you on trips around the coast and stops at special places along the way so you can explore more by swimming and snorkelling. They cater for groups and all ages and offer trips at sunset too. For more details read our interview with them here.


See Gozo in one day


Cycling is a great way to explore Gozo. Photo credit: Baron Holiday Homes

One of the advantages of being a small island is that you’re never too far away from something interesting. And there are plenty of options for getting around Gozo – from walking and cycling, to hiring a car or catching one of the local buses.

And – even better – there’s so many fun things to do on Gozo that it’s possible to pack an awful lot into just one day. Which is especially useful to those visitors having a short break on Gozo.

So it’s easy to plan a fun itinerary when you’re holidaying with us on Gozo – and Baron Holiday Homes is very happy to help book tours and activities with our trusted local partners. You can explore Gozo’s countryside on mountain bikes, take a guided Segway tour, hike along Gozo’s coastal paths, go abseiling or horse riding, and visit our amazing churches, museums and ancient sites 

All roads in Gozo at some point go through our capital Victoria so we recommend spending a day exploring the ancient Citadel and alleyways. Read our Guide To Making The Most Of One Day in Gozo’s Capital to find out more.


Gozo’s Local language and dialects

Visitors to Malta and Gozo are often surprised by the Maltese language and our unusual place names. While some of the letters in our alphabet will look similar to many European languages, we do have some unique letters and pronunciations.

That’s because the Maltese language is a result of its ancient and multicultural history. It is believed to be based on a form of Arabic that was commonly spoken in Sicily and Malta between the 9th and 14th centuries. Sicily eventually adopted Italian but on Malta the language evolved to become Maltese. 

To give you a taster, let’s start with Gozo itself. In Maltese Gozo is written as Għawdex – pronounced Awdessh. This is because the Għ is silent and you pronounce the x as shh. So, if you’re asking for directions to the villages of Għarb or Xagħra, remember to say Arb and Shhara.

You can read more about the Maltese language in our blog post Talk Like A Local When You Next Visit Gozo.  This may come in handy when you are reading menus and ordering food on the island (see below)…


Gozo’s unique local cuisine


The ftira – Gozo’s unique version of the pizza. Photo credit:

One thing that comes as a pleasant surprise to first time visitors to Gozo is our unique local cuisine. Like our language, our cuisine is a distillation of our fascinating history – with lots of different influences, from Arabic to Italian to British.

We love our food on Gozo and we know that you will love it too. And you can enjoy a huge range of dining experiences from the local village bakeries to cafes and fine dining restaurants.

Our Guide To A Taste Experience should help introduce you to Gozo’s distinctive cuisine. You’ll find the emphasis here is always on local, fresh and seasonal produce from the land and sea. Locally produced artisan sea salt, olive oil, tomato paste and preserves make great souvenirs. 

While you’re holidaying on Gozo you will inevitably sample some of our famous local delicacies such as ġbejniet (sheep’s milk cheeselets), pastizzi, and ftira. And you might enjoy visiting one of Gozo’s wineries as well as our boutique brewer Lord Chambray to taste some delicious wines and beers.


Lively village piazzas


Bustling cafe life in Independence Square, Victoria, Gozo. Photo credit: Baron Holiday Homes

As with most Mediterranean countries, Gozo’s village squares are where everyone gathers to socialise, gossip and people watch.

There’s usually a local bakery and cafe to make this an even more pleasurable experience. You can while away a morning sipping coffee and nibbling on a delicious pastizzi, admiring the honey-coloured traditional buildings, and watching the locals go about their routines.

If you haven’t visited Gozo for a while you might be surprised at how lively the local piazzas have become. For many years the piazzas in Victoria and Xaghra were firm favourites with visitors. Now you’ll find many more village squares have bustling cafes and street vendors.

Many of Baron Holiday Homes’ villas or farmhouses are located on the outskirts of Gozo’s villages. If you’re staying in one of our properties, you’ll be able to simply walk into your nearest village to experience a true taste of authentic Gozo life.


Why choose Baron Holiday Homes?

Booking a stay with us is easy. We have a flexible booking policy with a low deposit and you only need pay the balance 15 days before arrival. Simply browse through the list of our fabulous rental properties on Gozo to find the apartment, villa or restored farmhouse that perfectly suits your needs.

The Baron Experience is exceptional. We have been operating in Gozo for more than 25 years and most of our properties are fully owned and serviced. We also offer a wide range of extra in-house services designed to make your Gozo holiday as hassle free and enjoyable as possible.


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